Sim Settlements 2

Sim Settlements 2

The Final Chapter - Last Stand of the Commonwealth

The Final Chapter - Last Stand of the Commonwealth

Chapter 3 Features

Chapter 3 Features
  • Finish the Saga

    After their defeat at GNN, the Gunners have returned to the Commonwealth with dangerous reinforcements.

  • Build an Army

    Turn your settlements into Outposts. Recruit settlers and wastelanders into your army. Train and lead them into battle.

  • Prepare for war

    Eight new building classes for Martial and Recreational plots, including an Armory, Mess Hall, Field Medics, Prisons, Watchtowers, and more!

  • Unite the Commonwealth

    Form alliances to aid you against the Gunners. Gain an edge by earning access to supplies, specialist units, and unique abilities.

  • Expand beyond Settlements

    Claim (almost) any location on the map. Secure it with your new army and maintain control with regular patrols.

  • You write the rules

    Change the laws, culture, and rules of engagement of your people. For instance, if you’re bored of killing, take prisoners or let enemies flee to spread news of your strength.

  • Multiple endings

    The fates of many characters are in your hands. Your decisions have dire consequences and lead to different outcomes.

  • Powerful new weapons

    Turn the Gunners’ tech against them. Customize the new Induction weaponry to suit your play style with tons of mods.

  • Medical Breakthroughs

    Your soldiers will need to heal when wounded in battle. Help them get back to the frontlines faster by treating them yourself. You might even be able to cure diseases faster.

  • New Companions, unique Settlers

    Take some familiar faces with you in your adventures and recruit others to become permanent settlers in your cities.

  • A new faction to share the load

    The New Liberty Trading Company is happy to give you what you need and keep things running. For a price.

  • Pre-populate the World

    Make every playthrough different with the new Prebuild System (coming soon). Seed the game world with randomized pre-built settlements. Some will be friendly. Others, not so much.

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Available on PC and XBOX

Chapter Three

After their defeat at GNN, the Gunners have returned with reinforcements. You'll need an army to defend the Commonwealth and all that you've built.

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Chapter Two

The Gunners have become a serious threat. Gather your allies and fight to free the Commonwealth from their tightening grip.

Nexus ModsGet Chapter 2 from Nexus Mods
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Chapter One

The sequel to the acclaimed Fallout city-building simulator comes with an epic story, settlement gameplay overhaul, and much more.

Nexus ModsGet Chapter 1 from Nexus Mods
Bethesda.netGet Chapter 1 from (PC)
Bethesda.netGet Chapter 1 from (XBOX)

Game Requirements

Fallout 4
Workshop FrameworkMod: Workshop Framework
Mod: HUDFramework
DLC: Automatron (for Chapter 2 & 3)

Disk Space Requirements

Chapter One — 1 GB on PC, 900 MB on XBOX
Chapter Two — 1 GB on PC, 750 MB on XBOX
Chapter Three — 750 MB on PC, 600 MB on XBOX

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